You’ve found the blog!

Congratulations. The blog isn’t linked to directly, because I’m not going to actively publish content through it. That’s one of the greatest pieces of advice I have to give my clients: if you’re not going to use it, don’t start one up. The same goes for Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Sure, you can drive some traffic to your site through those avenues, and the search engine boost might help drive up rankings in the short term, but when you don’t have consistent activity, the benefits diminish. If you curate consistently good content, it will be found and promoted during searches. If your profiles are stagnant, they’ll lower results. SEO experts advise that you set up the profiles, but they also have stockades of low-cost labor to create content for them.

As a small buisiness, if you want to divert some of your limited time and resources to a blog or social media profile, more power to you. I don’t have the drive. I admit it!

Now, uh, how about ignoring this ugly, unfinished portion of the site?