Profile shot of Keith, laughing.

I clean up well, but I’m just about always dressed in t-shirts of my favorite bands, blue jeans, and my baseball cap.

I’m Keith J. Frank, a freelance web developer that lives in Troy, New York. I build custom web sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, custom skins and plugins for WordPress and IP.Board, and I’ve been known to dabble in graphic design too. I’ve been at this full-time for ten years, so you can rest assured that you’ll always receive quality work from me. I’m self-taught so all of my experience comes from real-world projects.

I’ve published a bunch of  entries to my portfolio, so check ’em all out and be sure to contact me about your project if you like what I’ve done.

I’m nearly thirty-one years old, and my family’s first computer was a hand-me-down from my aunt in the late 90’s. While buying books to figure out how to use our newfangled electronic device, my father picked out an entry to HTML 3 book, because he thought it was integral to computer ownership. I started reading it and I became very interested in the language. I started building my own web sites in high school on GeoCities and Angelfire, covering a wide array of topics, like RealMedia files of prank calls my friends and I made, and drawings my girlfriend and I worked on together.

13 years ago, the web was a much different place, and I couldn’t find a strictly web-based degree program in which to enroll.  I went to college in a generic computer science curriculum, but I found it very difficult to focus on courses unrelated to web technology. I became uninterested in pursuing a degree, and stopped going to school. By the time 2004 rolled around, I had a handful of clients — most were bartered agreements, exchanging monthly services for website maintenance and hosting — and a fairly well-paying retail job. I figured I’d ride it out and see how things went without a degree because I was only 21, so I had time to make up my mind and decide on going back to school if I needed to.

Ten years later, I’m happily married to the high school girlfriend that used to post drawings on GeoCities with me, and gainfully employed as a freelance designer. There’s a lot of things to cover in those ten years, but I’ll summarize it by saying that I’ve had stints working with companies, but I truly enjoy all the aspects of running a business on my own. I love interacting with people and brainstorming about their projects, planning their development, and delivering the final goods!

My resume looks pretty awesome and has some more specific information about my work experience and aptitudes.

Dorena standing on a bench to equal Keith's height.

Just like her to use something and cheat her height up on me. Dang it, she’s just too cute!

Helping Hand
My wife, Dorena, has a Bachelor’s degree from Sage College of Albany in Graphic Design. She’s great at logo design and print layout, so if your project needs business cards, letterheads, mailers, or any other kind of print work, you’ll have my better half at your disposal. She’s handled prepress work too, so if you already have a printer that you have a contract with, she’ll be able to prep the files for production. That includes things like logo clean up and vectorization, date replacements in invoice forms, and a ton of other really cool stuff.

It’s rare to find a web design boutique with such a high-quality print specialist, and I wouldn’t be this lucky to have one available if I didn’t get hitched to her. It’s amazing being able to collaborate with her on projects, and we have a ton of fun doing it! We’re convinced that you’ll enjoy the experience as much as we do, so give us a shout about your project, and let’s get working.